What Do We Really Own?

I once had a dream that has stayed with me for many years. It provided me with important insight into my thinking and reality. In order for the dream to make sense, I will have to explain my situation during that time.

My Situation

I was a contract administrator working for a bank. I enjoyed the work, but I did not like the pressure. I knew I should move on from the job, but I was too scared. I made good money and had great benefits. I had a promising future with the bank. The only problem with the job: I was absolutely miserable.

My Job

My boss was someone with an ego who had little or no experience with my job. This person felt my job was something easy that anyone could do. The lack of respect and understanding was a constant struggle. I was put in situations where I had to do things and make decisions that needed to have been made by an attorney, and I wasn't one.

During this time in my life, I ate too much food, drank too much alcohol, and was not the best husband or father.

The Dream

In my dream, a minister comes into a room filled with young men. He asks everyone to close their eyes. When they do, he tells them to think of all the money they want to have in their life. He then tells them to think of all the wealth they desire. There are many smiles and funny comments as this happens. The minister then tells the young men to think of all the material things they want in their life. He tells them to think of fancy cars, boats, clothes, jewelry, and more. The young men again are smiling and making funny comments. The minister then asks the young men to open their eyes. He slowly walks around the room and asks the young men to think about their bodies, their eyes, hair, hands, and more. Many of the young men laugh. The minister then stops in the middle of the room, and after it becomes quiet, he asks the young men what all of those things have in common. None of the young men can make a connection.

“All of those things you just thought about stay in this world when you depart, and you will depart this earth.,” said the minister. “They are all temporary. So, you need to ask yourself, what do you really own?”

After The Dream

I woke up the next day realizing what I really owned in my life was a miserable existence. I decided to make some changes. I left the job before my health was completely destroyed. I worked at temp jobs and began exercising. I no longer focused on money, material things, or providing an image for others.

We will all depart this earth one day. Every bit of the wealth and any material things we have will stay here. We will no longer have them. We will be in a place where they are not necessary. I know that from now until that time, it is important to not let money or material things have power over me. They are of this earth, and I am not. We need to focus more on what we really own, our faith in God. It is something we get to keep and is something we know will continue to be ours when we leave this world.

J. Michael Krivyanski

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