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Humor Columns
The Longer You Live
The Older You Get


Baby Boomers experienced a world growing up that is very different from the one we live in today. Some say it's better, and some say it's worse. We can all agree it's very different. These are humor columns about being a Baby Boomer. Baby Boomers came of age in a time when there were water fountains instead of hydration stations. Our childhood was filled with playing outside. When we were forced to stay inside it was tantamount to being punished. We spoke to people in person and understood body language. There was no cyber world. We all had to learn how to deal with reality. . This book is about the many common things experienced by Baby Boomers 

Humor Columns
Family Illustrated
An Instant Replay of Family Humor


This is a book of published humor columns concerning my daughter. I've covered the time from when my wife and I thought of becoming parents and speak about my daughter's growing experiences. People with kids often tell me I must have written this about their children.

Humor Columns
Wives, Mothers and other Wonder Women


Women play a unique role in everyone's life. It could be the love and caring of a mother, the close relationship of a grandmother. Aunts, female cousins, sisters as well as daughters have a strong influence on the people in their lives. This book is a collection of stories about the meaningful relationships provided by these very special women.

Christian Fiction
Songs For The Deceived: Test of Faith


Many Christians face personal tragedies. This is the story of individuals who seem to be fortunate in life. They are like many people in the real world; their faith is tested with tragedy. Some are required to make a tremendous sacrifice for those they love. There are people who don't always understand what God is doing in their life. This book is about those who depend on their faith to help them endure.


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