Could this book contain a view of our world's future? A world where technology is more than just part of our everyday life; it is in control of it. A place where your ability to make decisions concerning how to live and worship is taken from you by a one-world government.


In this world, every citizen has a mark. Ultimate citizenship status is achieved by permitting the one-world government to place computer implants into different parts of your body. This one-world government is then able to use one of your eyes to see those around you as well as one of your ears to hear what others are saying. Those who only have a mark are never permitted to become anything more than average. 


There is a dark spiritual force motivating the use of technology in this future world. It is a time when Christians will be called upon to battle the evil in control of technology to save mankind. This book could be the foretelling of an uncomfortable reality about where our world is heading.


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The Longer You Live The Older You Ge

These are a collection of humor columns about being a Baby Boomer. Growing up in a world where we had water fountains and now having the same thing referred to as a hydration station.

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